2012 Project Michigan, Phase IV – Beaver Island

The emerald Isle still shines in Michigan. Our trip to Michigan has started with three days on Beaver Island fishing for big Great Lakes Carp with Indigo Guide Service.  Rain moved in our first night and lingered in the morning but by noon had blown through. Other than that the weather has been perfect. Scott Heeg and I fished around Beaver Island on Sunday. Slow to find and get shots at fish until after the clouds moved out and the sun shown through the crystal clear waters of Lake Michigan. In the afternoon the fish started to pop up all over but were very skiddish. Delicate wading and even more delicate presentations were the name of the game. We did manage to stick one fish and get him landed.

Today found us in  clear skies all day long. Heading over to Garden Island with Kevin Morlock we began stalking the shores for Carp. We found a number of cruisers and soon found a back bay with lots of carp. Scott landed the first fish, a nice 15 pounder that almost ran all of his backing off of his reel. Not too long after that I bagged another that could look like Scott's fishes twin and this guy took out almost 200 yards of backing. Unfortunately, this fish spooked all of the others out of the bay when I hooked him.  We moved on down the shore and had more shots at fish but they were increasingly spooky and the wind was blowing directly at us at about 15 mph. It was a great day with many shots at fish and so much beautiful country to take in. The only low spot was hopping in the boat about 3:30 pm to move to a new location and discovering I lost my Cliff Bugger Barn full of carp flies. We had walked about 3/4 of a mile of shoreline and somewhere along the way it had fallen out of my backpack. Thanks to two diligent friends who went above and beyond for a box of flies it was finally found by Kevin in the brush were we had cut across a point. 

One more day on Beaver and the weather is great and all looks promising for our last day. Then off to Sylvania Wilderness.






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