A Backyard in Nowhere DVD Review

The DVD A Backyard In Nowhere was just recently released and for anyone who loves BIG Northern Pike fishing this is a fun DVD to watch. Not only does this DVD have the normal sort of drama involved in a long distance fishing trip for big fish and the usual highs and lows of fishing but this show has an interesting twist concerning guides in the wilds of Alaska.
To set the stage… this show is about four guys who fly from Denmark to the wilds of Alaska in pursuit of big Northern Pike.  They actually head out for an entire month of chasing pike and sleeping in tents. Along the way they run into some native Americans that become good friends and open their eyes about the life they live in the bush. They deal with some of the normal ups and downs that are involved in fishing. Where are the fish, what do we throw to catch the fish and what happens when we catch a big fish? All of these things alone are worth the purchase of this DVD but there is an interesting twist concerning some Alaska guides and where these Danish men are fishing. Basically, hackles flare and tension rises as these four men decide to stay their full month , deal with a new human conflict, or head out back to Denmark.
All in all, I enjoyed watching this DVD for the great fly fishing (I am a pike lover at heart) and the interesting side stories to the adventure these four men had. 

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