Dyna-King Observation

I am finally getting a chance to sit down and write a short article that I have been meaning to do since last February at the Boat, Sport and Travel Show. Recently, one of my partners and I tied at the first Indianapolis Fly Fishing Expo that was put on by Indianapolis’ own Mike Exl. The show was quite a success as far as we are concerned and are already looking forward to next year with even greater expectations.

However, coming back to my statement regarding last February’s Boat, Sport and Travel Show, I was having a conversation with Joe Mahler and and Joe Smith. Joe mentioned to me that he noticed that several notable tiers such as Dustin Harley, Junior Burke, Mike Exl (from Wildcat Creek Outfitters), Scott Gobel and myself were using Dyna-King vises. Reflecting upon this, I actually saw 4 out of 5 tiers using Dyna-King vises. In addition, while I was vacationing in Florida, I met up with Drei Stroman who also ties with a Dyna-King vise. Drei is an amazing and innovative fly tier. Dyna-King seems to be the favorite choice of saltwater tiers. I think that is so awesome!

Now, we are full circle again and I noticed this time, quite a few of the same tiers returned this January 2015 for the Indiana Fly Fishing Expo. This is no fluke and there must be a reason. Junior has been a long time tier on Dyna-King vises and I, myself, was a former Renzetti tier but have since changed to Dyna-King partly due to some influence from Junior. The convincing factor for me was the fact that you can bend a hook with a pair of pliers while the hook is in the vise. Because of this feature, it brought up a question about why would you want to bend the hook? The point is, I could. In other words, once it is in the vise, it’s gonna freaking stay there! Therefore, when you are spinning deer hair, bearing down with excessive pressure it is not a problem. I am also aware that if there is an issue with any of the Dyna-King vises, the company will back up their product with no questions asked. My next vise purchase will be the Supreme by Dyna-King, thanks to the sage advice of my friend, Joe Mahler. If you ever watch him tie his mono shrimp, it requires a lot of pressure to tie. Junior and I enjoyed watching him tying a couple at our booth, warmwaterchronicles.com, at the Expo.

I encourage everyone to please try and make the Expo next year as I am sure Mike Exl will put together another great show. I’m sure his mind is already spinning, thinking of bigger and better things to come.

Joe Mahler Cecil Guidry

 Dustin Harley

Drei Stroman

Tie for life, buy a vise for life……Dyna-King!

The Ragin Cajun
P.S. Catch me tying either for warmwaterchronicles.com or Orvis in Carmel, IN