52 Tying Tips #3, Double Tip #1

Week 3 –  Double Tips #1
Our first double tip for 52 Tying Tips this week. Sorry, no pictures this week; none needed.
As most people know in fly tying there are two finish knots we use to secure our thread when the fly is complete. These are the half hitch and the whip finish knots. Our first tip involves using the half hitch knot but not just when the fly is finished. Many of the flies we tie involve a number of steps to put the whole thing together. Unfortunately, we sometimes break our thread or otherwise goof up a step that results in the previous step also getting buggered. The half hitch knot also doubles as a security knot as well as a finish knot. At any time during the tying process you can apply a half hitch knot to the fly to secure the fly up to that point. Doing so will insure that if you screw up the next step everything before the half hitch will remain intact.
Our second tip involves the whip finish knot and simply applying a double whip finish knot on your fly as an alternative to using any glue. Big meaty flies like the ones we like to tie can afford a little extra glue to help hold them together but often on small dry flies it is better to use a double whip finish (one on top of the other) instead of glue. For small dry flies (#14 or smaller) you want to make certain you do not add any unnecessary weight. Even though a little glue seems like it does not weight much it can make a difference on such small flies. Plus… even on bigger flies you can use a double whip finish instead of glue. Many guides use this technique because it is quicker than adding glue to the fly. Face it, when it is late at night and you have to tie up a dozen flies for clients in the morning every second you can shave off each fly gets you more time to relax or get some sleep.
Look for more Double Tip editions as the year unfolds.

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